Christine Fieldhouse


I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years and I love my job - I love chatting to people and hearing about their lives and I love writing.

I freelance for national newspapers and magazines, such as the Sunday Express magazine S, Daily Express, the Mail on Sunday, Breathe and World of Cruising, covering health, parenting, dieting and relationships. I also write human interest features for magazines.

Over the years my work has appeared in Essentials, Woman, Woman’s Own, Best, Bella, The Mirror, The People, That’s Life, Pick Me Up, Yours and Love It. I’ve been acting Parenting Editor for the Sunday Express and a columnist for Running Free.

No two days are the same in my job and I love that. I can be at a workshop learning how to be braver or how to say no one day, then doing the most harrowing heartbreaking interview the next.

Like many people, I love a story with happy ending, whether it’s a donated liver that gets a baby back to health, or a new defibrillator that saves a teenager’s life, or amazing new medical techniques developed by some of the world’s most brilliant researchers.

I enjoy interviewing celebs about their health - famous (ex) wife Meg Mathews chatted about how meditation helped her cope with her lovely mum’s death, Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle called for people to join the organ donation register, actress Gwen Taylor praised the benefits of walking and Dr Dawn Harper, from Embarrassing Bodies, told how she felt like a zombie when she was dehydrated whilst taking part on the TV show, Celebrity Island.

I also write a lot about self-help and go off and sample workshops and courses so I can get a first hand experience of what practitioners are offering. I’m a work in progress - not sorted yet!

Finally, I get to do some travel writing which means reviewing hotels and sampling holidays - a dream job for any travel-loving Sagittarian.

I am always looking for strong health stories or examples of new medical treatments or techniques, so if you know of any, please get in touch.