Christine Fieldhouse

Writers’ Coaching

Are you interested in writing a book, fact or fiction? Are you unsure where to start? Do you lack confidence about your writing?

Christine has several places left on her one-to-one telephone coaching programme, during which you will:-

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“I was fortunate to attend a workshop led by Christine Fieldhouse on autobiographical writing. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we discussed the pros and cons of the fictionalisation of real life-experiences. Using her own memoir Why Do Monsters Come Out At Night? as an example, Christine made a convincing case for the importance of telling your own story as truthfully as possible.

“Christine was engaging and approachable. She was open both about her childhood experiences and about the writing process. Christine confirmed that remembering the past can be the key to a happier future. In spite of the genre’s popularity with readers, I had been slightly worried about dismissive attitudes towards the ‘misery memoir.’ However, Christine showed that autobiography need not be self-indulgent, but can convey a positive message, giving hope to others that terrible times can be survived. I left the workshop feeling encouraged and inspired to commit my own memories to the page.”

— Helen Anderson, author

“I wouldn’t have left the starting-gate without Christine. She ensures that I keep going with my project and rekindles my enthusiasm when I hit those moments of doubt that we all have occasionally. She is positive, creative, and tactful in her encouragement, but gives her honest opinion of my efforts. Her excellent credentials as a professional writer are important to me since they mean that I can trust and respect her advice. What I find so marvellously motivating about Christine, though, is her genuine interest in my writing: she wants to read it all, then she comments with appreciation and insight—no writer can resist that kind of attention! In sum: highly recommended!”

— KB

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